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Marketing Solar energy to the world

We have still to use the optimum goodness of the Sun, which we have failed to do so, even after about two centuries of trying. Our efforts have not been well directed, hence the slow progress we see today.

Since Charles Fritts invented the first solar photo voltaic cell in the early 1800’s we have been at snail’s pace with not much progress to be proud of in mastering the technology to derive the optimum benefits in clean renewable energy from the Sun, which is waiting for us to harness.

The idea of using the Sun’s energy has to be effectively marketed to the populace only then could we see a distinct progress in this industry.

If the demand is created and everyone clamours for energy from the Sun and deviate for other energy sources the world would see a transformation from fossil fuel to harnessing the Sun’s energy.

Digital marketing professionals should be employed by the relevant governments to ensure that the idea of using the Sun’s energy is brought strongly into the public domain with the advantages it derives put forward forcefully.